Operational Intelligence

Real-time Monitoring Solutions for Shipliners

Shipliners today traverse a dynamic maritime environment. Unforeseen events like the Suez Canal blockage or piracy in crucial passageways can cripple the circulation of global commerce. To mitigate these risks, essential insights and rapid coordinated responses are not just preferable - they're indispensable.

118,928 merchant vessels travel around world every year

$224 billion Industry

2,675 shipping containers lost at sea in just 3 months

Case Study

Suez Canal Blockage

In March 2021, the Ever Given, a colossal 400m container ship, became lodged in the Suez Canal abruptly clogging a vein of global trade. For six days, the vessel blocked a route responsible for the daily passage of approximately $10 billion in trade.

The Suez Canal, a critical shortcut between East & West, was ill-prepared for such an incident. Worse still, hundreds of ships lined up on either side causing unprecedented traffic that took weeks to clear.

Real-time insights could have helped reroute traffic and prevent losses that even had a measurable effect on the global economy.

Need for Situational Awareness

Global Trade

Merchandise & goods valued at over $9 billion per day halted - equivalent to $6.7 million per minute

Loss of Resources

On 29 March 2021, Ever Given was finally free - taking advantage of high tide & the pulling power of 14 tugboats to refloat Ever Given.

Oil & Gas Industry

Markets felt the panic as essential goods like oil were stuck in transit. The obstruction could have diminished trade growth by 0.2 to 0.4 points.